Need A Boost? Rent A Lift Recliner

Back surgery? Hip replacement? Rotator cuff surgery? How about a knee replacement? Age related weakness? Ankle swelling?

Any one of these surgeries and conditions can leave you needing a little help. A lift recliner can go a long way toward speeding up your recovery.

April 2023 Update: We now also rent a premium option – sleep recliner.

The lift-out action of the recliner helps you get to your feet safely and gently. This causes less stress on newly-repaired joints. It’s difficult to push yourself out of a chair after shoulder surgery – so let the chair do the work for you.

In addition to lifting you up to a near-standing position, the lift recliner reclines. This helps you rest because you can adjust your angle of recline. Getting solid sleep helps you recover faster. Shoulder surgery patients often have a hard time lying flat. And who wants to build a small pillow fort on their bed every night to prop yourself up? Use a button. Even if you don’t sleep in the chair, just having a comfortable and adjustable sitting platform for watching TV can help.

Back surgery is another pain in the…back. A lift recliner rental can be the way to get comfortable.

Has your loved one lost leg strength as they age? Are you not sure if purchasing a lift recliner is right? Try before you buy. Getting out of the chair can be very difficult for many older adults. A lift recliner rental give them the chance to test the waters. There is no long-term commitment. Our rental lift recliners are compact and easily fit in an assisted living or independent living apartment.

Colorado Mobility rents lift recliners. We will deliver it and set it up for you. This delivery and set up is free in Denver Metro. Our rental recliners are made by Golden Technologies, and covered in a durable synthetic leather. We rent by the week or the month. Give us a call to reserve your boost today! 303-304-3223

Rental lift recliner.
Rental lift recliner from Colorado Mobility.

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