Electric Wheelchairs Are Perfect For Community Living

Do you live in an assisted living or independent living community? Do you have mobility limitations that keep you from walking long distances? Have you thought about a mobility scooter but thought them a little big for your apartment, the hallways and/or elevators?

A happy medium might be an electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs give you the enhanced mobility you need, combined with compact design and unparalleled maneuverability in tight spaces.

An electric wheelchair, such as the Zoomer or the Lite Rider Envy, have the range of an electric scooter. In fact, the Lite Rider Envy is built on a scooter chassis. The manufacturer replaced the front wheel and handlebars with two smaller wheels and a hand control. Both the Zoomer and the Lite Rider Envy are easily transportable in a car. We have both of these in stock now.


The electric wheelchairs can turn in a complete circle while staying in place. You could turn around in most elevators. No need to back in or back out.

If a more-robust chair is needed, you might consider the Jazzy by Pride. The Jazzy is larger, and not as easily portable, but the added capacity and comfort are often desirable. The turning radius and maneuverability are as good as any other electric wheelchair. Also, a machine like the Jazzy are better for use outdoors.

One big difference between scooters and electric wheelchairs is how they are controlled. Scooters use handlebars and can be easily operated with a thumb. Electric wheelchairs do use a “joystick” hand control. It takes some practice to get the precision movements down. But with a few hours of use you’ll be an expert.

Not everyone is appropriate to drive an electric scooter or wheelchair. Some communities have restrictions. Understand the rules of your building before you purchase.

At Colorado Mobility, we have electric wheelchairs in stock. We offer free delivery in Denver Metro. Call us today at 303-304-3223, or come in and take one for a test drive in our showroom – 7350 W. 88th Ave., Unit A, Arvada, CO 80021.

We also have pre-owned power wheelchairs in stock.

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