Mobility Matters

The Benefits Of A Stairlift In Colorado

Stairlifts are mobility aids that provide a safe and convenient way for people with mobility issues to travel up and down the stairs in their home. Here are some of the benefits of having a stairlift in your home: Overall, a stairlift can provide numerous benefits for individuals with mobility issues, allowing them to live…

What A Day!

We recently had a little jaunt that took us to one of the most-beautiful places in the United States – Rocky Mountain National Park. Representatives from the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center in the park recently ordered a Baja Wrangler 2 all-terrain scooter for use on accessible trails near the center. The photo above is the…

Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

We recently took on a new product. The Flex Tilt chair by Med Mizer allows for maximum comfort for the patient and the caregiver. What is the difference between a reclining wheelchair and a tilt in space wheelchair? The reclining back wheelchair changes the user’s posture. If the user can’t sit up straight without assistance,…

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