Mobility Matters

Hospital Beds Can Help

As we age, mobility can bee impaired. This includes the mobility needed to get in and out of a bed. An adjustable bed can help. The ability to raise and lower the entire bed gives the user the ability to set the bed to the best height for transferring in or out. If a person…

Lift Chair Rental Update

Colorado Mobility now offers more options to help you when you need a boost. Our standard lift chair rental is the Golden Deluna Elara in brown vinyl. Pictured below. This chair is a “three-position” chair – lift, sit, recline. It is an excellent chair to help post surgery. It is good for people 5′ 10″…

The Benefits Of A Stairlift In Colorado

Stairlifts are mobility aids that provide a safe and convenient way for people with mobility issues to travel up and down the stairs in their home. Here are some of the benefits of having a stairlift in your home: Overall, a stairlift can provide numerous benefits for individuals with mobility issues, allowing them to live…

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