September Is National Fall Prevention Month

According to the Center for Disease Control, 36 million falls are reported each year for people over the age of 65 in the United States. This results in 3 million emergency room visits and 32,000 deaths.

As the population of people over 65 grows, this number of falls could increase if families and elderly-services providers don’t educate themselves on how to prevent falls. Falls can be catastrophic for an elderly person. The fall may not directly kill the person, but often the residual healthcare complications from that fall can lead to premature death.

Equipment Can Help

In addition to education, equipment can be helpful in preventing falls.

Stairs are a danger zone for people who have mobility issues. A stairlift can provide a safe way to get up and down. Stairlifts help prolong a person’s stay in their home. In Colorado, most homes have stairs.

Stairlifts are a must in Colorado for elderly residents.

Walkers are ubiquitous in most senior communities. Is your walker properly serviced? Are the brakes tight and is it balanced?

Bed canes can be a tremendous help for persons who need to hold on to something to get in and out of bed.

Halo type bed cane.
Halo type bed cane.

A lift recliner is a must for someone who struggle to get in and out of a chair. People often “flop” into their chairs when sitting. This builds up over time with shocks to the spine. Lift chairs allow for controlled ascent and descent.

Lift recliners provide a boost.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is the most-dangerous room in a house for the elderly. Shower chairs. Grab bars. Toilet seat risers. See a great article on possible modifications here.

Don’t Fall! Give us a call.

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