What A Lift Chair Can Do For You

Let’s face it, aging can impose unwanted limitations on people. Simple activities that most of us could easily do now become challenging. One major challenge is the simple task of standing up from a sitting position. It is difficult to get those hips above the knees, so we can stand up. Lift chairs make up a part of a range of equipment that help you with standing (and the sitting back down) so you can remain independent.

What can a lift chair do for you?

When To Consider A Lift Chair

The main reason to consider a lift chair is because of a decline in mobility due to illness or injury. Remaining independent is an important aspect of each one’s quality of life. Aging people often need assistance to stand up from a seated position – and to sit back down. Arthritis of the hips, knees, or even shoulders can limit a person’s ability stand – or to sit back down from standing. Circulation problems, back pain that hinders your movement or just age-related weakness can also limit one’s independence. Patients that may be going through recovery from an illness or surgery might also temporarily need assistance to stand or sit back down. Sitting down shouldn’t be overlooked. A person recovering from surgery shouldn’t “fall” two feet to the chair, or they might not be able to hold themselves up in order to sit down.

What Lift Chairs Do

Lift chairs use electric motors attached a scissor lift frame to lift the user. See the photo above for an example. The chair gets you to near full standing. They also recline and adjust to the user’s comfort. Once lifted, they can be left in the “up” position to aid sitting back down. Some lift chairs offer multiple recline positions with separate head, back and foot controls. Some offer heat and massage.

How Colorado Mobility Can Help

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  1. It’s great that you talked about how the main reason to consider a lift chair is because of a decline in mobility due to illness or injury. My grandmother is quite old now and it seems she is having some problems with standing up from a seat and sitting down due to her arthritis. We don’t want her to feel discomfort for such a simple thing, so we should probably stop by a lift chair recliners store later.

  2. It’s good to know that lift chairs can be beneficial for people who experience knee arthritis. My grandma recently found out that she has arthritis in her knees, which explains why she has mobility issues. I’ll talk with my family and convince them to invest in a lift recliner to make it easier for her to relax in her house.

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