Perfect Sleep Chair

The Perfect Sleep Chair from Journey Health and Lifestyle is the premier lift recliner on the market. From its infinite selection of positions – including completely flat – to its therapeutic heat and massage, the Perfect Sleep Chair has been designed from the ground up to provide you with a personalized sleep experience. Whether sleeping through the night or that daily catnap, even the most temperamental of snoozers enjoys deep, rejuvenating rest in their Perfect Sleep Chairs.

Your Perfect Sleep Chair is an investment in your safety as well. It’s a fully powered lift chair in disguise. For those days when your knees are screaming and you could use a little extra support, a simple press of a button effortlessly lifts you up to stand or gently settles you down to a sitting position.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever needed to use a lift chair before, you probably found that it was uncomfortable. We get it. The Perfect Sleep Chair, while designed to improve the safety and mobility of older adults, is also designed to be the most comfortable chair that you’ll ever own. At the touch of a button, the Perfect Sleep Chair gently lifts you to an almost standing position so you can get back on your feet with ease. Some of our customers use this feature daily, while others use it when needed, such as while recovering from a surgery or illness. Some don’t use it at all. If mobility presents a challenge to you when getting in and out of a recliner chair, as it does for so many Americans, you can leave that worry behind.

Colorado Mobility carries Perfect Sleep Chair lift recliners from FirstStreet. They come with heat and massage, and can be had in beautiful Italian leather.

Questions to ask when choosing a lift recliner:

What’s my budget?

How much do you weigh? Larger chairs that accommodate 400 pounds or more will cost more.

What type of covering do you want? Perfect Sleep Chairs come in Italian Leather, or MicroLux fabric.

What is the primary need of the user? Is the chair gong to be used for sleeping?

How much time will be spent in the chair?

Not sure what you want? Come “test drive” a lift recliner in our showroom. Located at 7350 W. 88th Ave., Unit A, Arvada, CO 80021.

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