Patient Lifts

Colorado Mobility sells and rents a wide variety of patient lifts.

Mobility challenges put strain on patients and caregivers. Those patients need a specific home medical device to help get them out of bed, out of the bath or transferred from one seat to another. Patient lifts solve this problem.

Powered lifts use electric motors to lift. Manual lifts use levers moved by the caregiver, or the patient’s own power. Generally, manual lifts are less expensive.

Hoyer lifts give solutions to users who need maximum assistance. A caregiver lifts the patient safely using a sling, then wheels the patient from place to place. Then, the caregiver gently lowers the user into a new position.

Medical professionals and manufacturers call wheeled lifts that can be moved from place to place “floor lifts”. These require no home modification. Several manufacturers produce lifts that can fold and fit in a car, giving the patient maximum flexibility.

When a hoyer-style patient lift is secured to the floor, ceiling or walls, it provides a permanent or semi-permanent solution. Medical professionals and manufacturers call these “overhead lifts” or “gantry-style” lifts. Home modification may be required. Certain overhead lifts allow patients to transfer themselves.

People needing minimum assistance choose a sit-to-stand. A powered model lifts the patient, while the patient pulls themselves up with a manual model.

Manufacturers design lifts for the safety of the patient AND caregivers, resulting in better outcomes.

Name Brands For Patient Lifts

When paired with a hospital bed, lifts make transfers much safer.

Not looking to purchase? Colorado Mobility also rents floor lifts.

Hydraulic Hoyer-Style Patient Lift
Manual Hydraulic Hoyer Lift
Manual stand assist Patient Lift
Manual stand assist lift
Powered Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift
Powered sit-to-stand patient lift
Mid-Mizer patient lifts.
Med-Mizer patient lifts.

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