Mobility Aids Sales And Rentals

Colorado Mobility sells and rents a wide variety of mobility aids.

From rollators/walkers to wheelchairs, sometimes mobility challenges call for non-powered solutions. Maybe you just need to rent a knee scooter after a ski accident?

We carry a large selection of mobility aids to help you get moving. Rollators help people who have balance issues walk. The seats on rollators serve as an easy way to take a break when someone becomes fatigued. Brakes on rollators give added safety.

Colorado Mobility sells and rents two types of manual wheelchairs – standard and transport.

Standard wheelchairs have the large wheels in back, and can be propelled by the user. They are good for self propulsion or if someone needs to be pushed long distances or on rougher terrain. Big wheels make it easy to roll over small obstacles.

Transport wheelchairs have four smaller wheels and are usually very light weight. These are used for short-distances and the user can’t propel themselves with their arms. Transport chairs fold up easily to fit in cars. They are perfect for getting loved ones in and out of car for doctors visits.

Recovering from a leg injury? Rent a wheelchair!

Ski season is almost here. We have elevated leg rests for our wheelchair rentals. Snow is falling in the mountains!

Colorado Mobility sells a wide selection of canes.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is the most-dangerous room in the house. Get shower chairs/benches, toilet risers, bedside commodes and other bathroom safety items at our Arvada showroom. Don’t overlook the bathroom in your search for mobility aids sales or rentals.

We carry name brand Mobility Aids

Up Walker Lite up right rollator walker. Mobility aids sales and rentals.
Up Walker Lite
Drive Nitro rollator red
Nitro Rollator by Drive
Standard manual wheelchair by Drive
Drive Standard Manual Wheelchair
Pink Medline transport wheelchair
Transport Wheelchair
Sliding shower bench by Drive. Mobility aids sales and rentals.
Sliding shower bench

Interested in mobility aids? Contact Colorado Mobility and tell us your story. We’ll help you find what best fits your needs.