Hospital Bed Mattresses and Support Surfaces

Finding the right mattress for your home care bed.

Once you choose your hospital bed, you’ll need to find the right hospital bed mattress.

Support surfaces – industry speak for mattresses – come in many forms.

  • Power air mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Combination of foam and air
  • Memory foam
  • Alternating pressure

We have hospital bed mattresses to fit any budget. Consideration should be paid to the size and weight of the user.

Drive Quick N Easy foam hospital bed mattress with blue cover.
Invacare Solace prevention hospital bed mattress

Support surfaces are designed to give maximum comfort so the user can get a good night’s rest. Do you need an extra-firm mattress?

Just as important as comfort when choosing a mattress is patient condition. If the use is going to stay in the bed for long periods of time, their mattress should help prevent bed sores. If a patient already suffers from bed sores, their mattress should help treat those injuries. Some mattresses can roll the patient from side to side to help keep pressure from building on one side or the other.

At Colorado Mobility, we sell many different styles of mattress from a wide range of manufacturers. Call us today to find the right hospital bed mattress for you.

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