4 Reasons To Have A Hospital Bed In Your Home

A good night sleep is one of the most-important health benefits you can give yourself. It is doubly important to rest well when you are recovering from an illness, injury or some other challenging health condition. Here are four reasons to have a hospital bed in your home.

Given this, a quality bed could be the most important item in your recovery arsenal. A hospital bed is a perfect solution in many cases.

Not all beds are created equal. This is no more true than when you are in bed for a majority of the day.

Mobility issues make a good bed important also, the right bed can help you stand and sit up without assistance. The right bed will also make it easier for a caregiver to help you if you do need assistance.

Whether renting for purchasing, a hospital bed in your home may be a good solution when your health is a main factor.

Four Reasons To Get A Hospital Bed In Your Home

  • Easier for caregivers to help you: hospital beds can be adjusted in several ways. The whole bed can go up and down, the head can go up and down, and the legs can go up and down. More-advanced beds can tilt as a unit or even rotate. These features allow you to get in less-awkward positions, giving a caregiver more ways to assist you.
  • Sleep comfortably: the positions listed above can also help you manipulate your bed to the most-comfortable position for your sleep.
  • Stay in your home: your ability to get in and out of bed on your own – using a hospital bed – can prolong your ability to age in place.
  • Safety: you can use rails to keep from falling out of bed. You can also use the rails on a hospital bed as grab bars for assisting in transferring to a wheelchair or just to steady yourself.

Colorado Mobility offers a range of hospital beds – both for rent and purchase.

The SpanAmerica Rexx is a fantastic bed designed for in-home use. It looks better than some home-care beds and is simple to operate. We have this bed in stock.

SpanAmerica Rexx Bed in the Colorado Mobility showroom.

The Aura by SonderCare offers the most-comfortable home care mattress option, and give whole-bed tilt options for the head and the feet. We can deliver this bed right away.

Aura by SonderCare in the Colorado Mobility showroom.

The ActiveCare bed by MedMizer is the most-advanced bed we carry. It is perfect for someone who spends a lot of time in bed, or who need maximum help from their equipment. The bed rotates to a chair position. Watch the video below to see this wonderful machine. Stroke patients and ALS patients are just two groups who benefit from ActiveCare beds by giving them more assistance options. We have this bed in stock.

MedMizer also offers several other bed options.

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