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Colorado Mobility sells and installs stairlifts in Loveland.

For some seniors, navigating stairs has become a challenge. But there is no need to relegate yourself to only one floor of your home. Loveland homes are perfect for stairlifts.

Relocating to a single-level home or a retirement community can be very costly over time.

The first reason to install a stairlift is it makes using stairs safe, and allows access to once-closed areas of a home. Adding a stairlift to the home doesn’t mean you or others can no longer use the stairs. It merely gives a safer option to those who might need it.

Stairlifts are easy to use for most people. Installation requires no home modification. When Colorado Mobility installs your stairlift, we use manufacturer-approved equipment and practices. We clean up after the job. We then give complete instruction on how to use your new stairlift.

A stairlift can restore and extend independence.

The ride is smooth. The machine is quiet. The total footprint is surprisingly small. Installation can be done in one day.

The average cost for a purchase of a straight stairlift is between $2,999 and $6000 and includes installation.

Name Brands For Patient Lifts

When paired with other home medical equipment, stairlifts make life much safer.

See our latest job below.

Harmar Pinnacle straight stairlifts Loveland, Colorado
Harmar Pinnacle SL600 Stairlift
Our latest install. #ageinplace
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