Hospital Bed Sales and Rentals Lakewood

Do you or a loved one need a hospital bed in Lakewood?

We rent and sell hospital beds to all over Jefferson County.

Hospital beds are ideal for home rest and relaxation. If your loved one has had an extended stay in the hospital and they need to adjust to the change of lifestyle, a proper care bed can improve their independence, recovery. Hospital beds can also improve quality of life. The adjustability of the knees and head improve incontinence support, while the assist rails help caregivers manage personal care in ways that make the patient much more comfortable. The improved cleanliness supports healthy skin, minimizing the risk of bedsores and urinary tract infections.

As we get older, getting out of bed can feel more difficult. Manufacturers don’t make standard mattresses and bed frames for mobility. If you notice an elderly relative or loved one losing their ease of movement, consider a hospital bed. Many doctors may mention it as a consideration during a check-up or after an extended hospital stay. 

If you’re purchasing a specialized bed for an elderly relative or loved one, always consult with them before investing in this piece of medical equipment. While moving from a large bed to a hospital bed may seem like a major adjustment, the bed size and positioning make maneuvering in the room much safer. You’ll find that most people who need these beds are eager for the comfort and relaxation of the various models available to them!

Don’t Forget A Mattress

Another important consideration is the mattress and support surface. Beds and mattresses are not sold together unless otherwise stated.

We carry beds and support surfaces from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Colorado Mobility also rents hospital beds. A rental can bridge a gap between placements or when a short-term solution is needed.

Review our service area for lead times and possible delivery fees.

SpanAmerica Rexx hospital bed for rental or sale
SpanAmeica Rexx Bed in our Arvada showroom
SpanAmerica Advantage 42-inch
SpanAmerica Advantage 42-Inch bed in our showroom in Arvada
SonderCare Aura bed with bamboo fabric top mattress
SonderCare Aura in our Arvada showroom. In stock now!

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